The Quantum Physic Scheduling Formula

I think I’ve found my new favorite artist. Ever heard of The Civil Wars? Fantastic. Pure amazingness. I will post a link to them in my sidebar under “Videos” when I get the chance. My favorite song from them actually comes from The Hunger Games, with a duet with Taylor Swift. They sound so great together.

I am currently listening to Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know”. I will also post a link to Walk Off the Earth’s cover of this song under “Videos”. Coolest song ever to be played by five people on one guitar. Seriously. Check it out.

As far as vlogs and blogs and other assorted cookies found on the interwebs, JennaMarbles just posted a new video. She posts regularly (every Wednesday), unlike Meekakitty, who posts often, but irregularly. I will put a link to her newest video under “Vlogs”.

In other news, I have to register for classes today. Our university has set up a new system that allows us to schedule in real time, so what we see is what we get. Great news, right? HA. More like yea right. Since this is the first semester they are implementing this technology, our servers aren’t quite up to speed yet and, surprise surprise, have crashed. At least, the one responsible for my scheduling has. I have literally been trying for the past HOUR to register for classes and I still can’t get on.

It’s wonderful.

It’s not like I have class from 11-6 or anything that would prevent me from registering until tonight.

Oh wait.

Yes I do.

Guh. I just really hope the system get’s it act together and starts working before I have to leave her in 45 minutes.

I think I’m done raging now.

Make sure to check out the new videos!


P.S. I also have a new link for stories on that I really love. This is a site where people post their stories and chapters for other people to read and critique. Sometimes you can find some really great stuff!


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