Three Weeks to Freedom

I can’t believe that my first year of college is almost over! And let me just say, I am SO ready for it to be done. All the constant work with my major and being away from home really wears on you after a while, especially now that I know what I want to do next year (Landscape Architecture). My Design Communications Class and Studio class are still fun, but we are doing busy work right now, and I loathe busy work, specifically when I already know how to ride unicycle circles around said busy work. We are working in Photoshop right now and learning things like the cloning tool and the select tool…..

I want to bang my head against a wall.

Studio is more fun than DCM, like it always has been, but I’m in that weird state where I don’t really know what I’m supposed to be doing and yet I know there’s a monster of a project hiding just out of sight under the bed. We have two weeks until our studio classes are done, so that means I only have about five more days of actual studio class, one of them being the presentation day. I think my model is due next Monday, which is stressful, seeing as I don’t even have my idea set in stone yet. Plus the fact that this is a cohesive group project, and group projects just freak me out; if I do someone does something wrong, then the whole group goes down in flames.

I also have two other papers, one due Friday and one due next Tuesday, that are adding some more stress on top of that. Plus a PFW grade that is probably not getting any higher than a C- right now and an LA 100 grade that’s also at the C- range. I’ve missed my Honors 202 class about five times now, so there goes my attendance score, and I even forgot that I had a choir concert yesterday. I never forget when I have a concert. Never…


All these things can be taken care of with (by?) a simple cup of tea, just like the one I’m enjoying right now. It’s like liquid elixir, I swear. Sick? Have a cup of tea. Tired? Have a cup of tea. Heartbroken? Have a cup of tea. Fish dies? Have a cup of tea.

However, I think it might also be possible that my parents have brainwashed me into thinking tea cures all ailments, like Windex in the movie “My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding”.

I’m rambling, I know. So, as far as new blog/vlog posts this week, Meekakitty and Verbal Vomit have both uploaded new content, so you should go check that out. Hannah Hilman, author of Verbal Vomit, posted a story that was not quite as long as I was expecting. Her Facebook says she is currently working on a monster of a project, though, so I am excited to see when she finally finishes that. Meekakitty’s new video is actually just her singing a duet with another guy who wrote a song, who happens to be quite attractive as well. Always a plus to have attractive men…

Another new update! I found another blog the other day in class when we had time to work on this project. I searched Google Blogs for “Sims 3” and found a really interesting blog that basically follows the life story of a homeless Sim, named Kev, and his daughter. I am a huge fan of this game, so watching the story progress in an almost natural fashion was fascinating!

Alright, I’m going to complain a little more before I end this.

So I finished reading this awesome story about two homeless Sims and I wanna try the same thing, right? So I go to my computer, get it all booted up (with the power cord attached, of course, because it’s a dumb piece of s*** that won’t take a charge anymore, even though it’s only one year old) and load my game. WELL. Not even halfway into my game, my lovely computer just caputs.


No emoticon can correctly convey my….annoyance. So I just let it sit for a bit, then I try the game again.

The same thing happens again.

And again.


By this point I’m in full on rage mode and nothing can stop me. Being the genius that I am, I try and find a screwdriver to open the back of my computer to find out what little gremlin is hiding in there trolling me. I finally get all the screws out and I go to lift the back off.

Nothing happens. Literally nothing. I have removed ALL of the screws possible on this computer and it refuses to reveal it’s secrets to me.

That’s just plain rude.

So here I am, stuck with a new computer that acts like an old person with Alzheimer’s, powerless and Sim-less.

Needless to say, this week has not had the best of starts.

I’m going to make myself another cup of tea.



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